11-09-2019 – Urban Abbey

STAY GOLD Duets & Duos is Talita Jolene’s second collaborative performance after her debut, Full Circle: Phases of an Artist’s Heart, and is once again involving multiple guests. This event introduces her performing band, The Carriers, who first backed her at a fundraising event at Urban Abbey in November 2018. In this evening of duets, the audience can expect to hear a wide range of styles, old and new songs, songs familiar and obscure, cover songs and songs by local artists. Unique lighting and interesting props will set the stage for an engaging evening sure to entertain. Guests include local artists and friends Jean-Paul DeRoover, Chris Talarico, Phil Drost, Kevin Kannus (The Gin Tonics), Arden Bruyere, Scott King, Michele Miller, Rhonda Bill, Kari Peters, Morgan Carleton-Shubat and Angela Cameron.

07-14-2017 – Crocks

Join myself and Chris Talarico for an intimate, up close and personal look at Chris’ first EP, “All In”. This won’t be your usual releasae party. Attendees will get an intimate feel of the music and artist behind it all. Hope to see you there!