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Belgium photos part 1

The following pictures were all taken in Bruges, Belgium.

Mussels and fries!

“…and answer there came none…they’d been eaten…every one!” – you’re supposed to prepare a pound of mussels for every guest.
Pearson International Airport, Toronto.
My dad, after being released from the hospital

Interesting art exhibit at the airport

view from the train on the way from Brussels to Bruges

Excellent depiction of Belgium

The Train

The train and the station

An antiquated phone booth

Waiting for the train…

My grandmother’s house, very 1970’s

They have sinks in the bedrooms.

Great architecture


My father and my uncle Antoon.

A well timed photo of Bruges.

The side of the windmill

Close up of the windmill

Leaving the windmill

Typical of Belgium

Ah, a small alley

More interesting architecture

Gargoyles and Saints

A watermill in a store

Asterix and Obelix kids drinks!!!

The side of the watermill

Reflections of the boutiques

Bellforts are everywhere.