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Awesome Tom

September 30th – Windsor – Phog Lounge

Driving into Windsor was funny, because at one point you’re literally in a line on the only highway into the states, so traffic got pretty slow. However, a van in front and to my left had left their rear door ajar, and I sadly witnessed about 10 fedoras fall out and get crushed. I caught up to him about a kilometre later and told him that the door was open, but he didn’t seem fazed about the hats. Maybe he was a hat smuggler? Not a very glamourous job.

Windsor was a nice place, and I got to play the Phog Lounge, a venue I kept hearing about for years, as it was nominated Best Canadian Venue by CBC in the past, so I was very excited to have gotten booked there! Several days before, I checked their blog, and noticed that the owner Tom had put a really positive review on my material, pumping up the show as well as linking to my sites and videos, so I was stoked!