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December 6th – Kenora – Shooter’s

I was constantly paranoid while in Kenora, as my vehicle had a cardboard window. (For full details about my Winnipeg venture, check out this older blog entry). I also started a campaign as I was driving back home to Thunder Bay, and if more people had seen it, I’m sure they would’ve joined.

I was glad to be in Kenora, where life was at a slower pace. Fully embodied in this placque.

The show was a lot of fun, I opened for Mike Procyshyn and the Comfort of Ghosts, who delivered a set almost akin to Queen at times. We laughed throughout both sets, with all kinds of jokes about John Mayer and goats, and not always mutually exclusive. Both Mike and Guy were quite welcoming with their hospitality, and it was greatly appreciated after my Winnipeg adventures.

Instead of staying the night, I drove back right after the show, and ended up taking short naps every so often. It was a cold drive, but I managed to plug up the window quite well despite not having any tape. Here are some shots from that early morning, Northern Ontario drive.

Although I had a blast on this tour, I certainly was glad to be home.