October 3, 2017
Time: 5:00 PM
Venue: Baggage Building Arts Centre
Address: 2200 Sleeping Giant Parkway Prince Aurthur's Landing
State: ON
Country: Canada

Friendship, Music & Food for All Ages! Free Event!
Share your connection to Lake Superior by bringing a sample of water from the Thunder Bay Watershed for the collective display. Tell the story of where and when you collected your sample and what inspired you. Learn about the microscopic creatures in your sample.
*Recommended: 250 ml Mason Jar (70 mm mouth)*.


“Making the Invisible Visible” is Thunder Bay’s Great Lakes Commons Map seed project funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. It’s part of an initiative connecting water protectors in Peterborough, Guelph, and Thunder Bay. Using a “Water Friendship” framework, the projects look at our relationships to water and examine the actions for measuring those relationships.
Thunder Bay’s project is an opportunity to strengthen social ties and connections to the lands, waters, and non-human life in Thunder Bay. People of all ages can learn about water and aquatic invertebrate inhabitants through an interactive event that uses art, science, mapping, and friendship to show how our connection to the water affects our daily actions.
The display will be similar to preserves put up in a cellar and will show until Wednesday, October 12, 2017.
Here’s what you can do for the event:
1. Collect and bring a 250ml standard Mason jar (with 70mm mouth) of water from a location in and around the Thunder Bay watershed.
2. Document the collection date, location, and some thoughts on the water sample and/or location.
3. Indicate on the onsite map where the water was collected.
4. Have your water sample examined under a microscope as part of the cataloguing.
5. Enjoy music from the composer and performer, Jean-Paul De Roover and tasty food delights from Pinetree Catering.
6. Meet some friends!