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LONE is a collection of songs that were written and developed over several years, and completed during the COVID-19 lockdown of late 2020/2021. These songs were an attempt to create something distinct in my discography. Not necessarily a new direction, but rather a momentary deviation. I forced myself out of my comfort zone by removing my more identifiable musical features – vocals and guitar. Instead, these four songs are instrumental piano-based pieces, relying on jazz-inspired drums for the rhythm section, with occasional melodic assistance from trumpets on top of an atmospheric base of seaboard, synths, and string arrangements. Some songs take inspiration from field recordings such as “Bar” which features a sample from an improvised performance at an empty music venue on an early Saturday afternoon, or “Bridge” which includes a sample of my car driving over the Sault Ste Marie International Bridge between Canada and the US. Continuing with the theme of isolation and loneliness, all the performances and the entire production of the EP were done alone.

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