After Guelph I drove back to London, crashing at Reggie’s again.

Shannon and I went out to Spaghetti Eddie’s, whose portions were monstruous, and even my big appetite couldn’t finish the last meatball.

That night I was playing at the Blackshire Pub, with Modernboys Moderngirls, a band I’d heard a lot of buzz about, as well as Jane Carmichael (who had a full backing band).

I went up first (as usual, I am the ‘solo act’), and had quite possibly the largest crowd there. Even old friends from Dryden came out to see it!

Here is a review given by Drew Whitson of the UWO Gazette

*photo by Drew Nelson

Jane Carmichael went up next, playing some awesome radio friendly pop-rock with a guitar player that had the best guitar tone I’ve heard on the entire tour.

Next was Modernboys Modernboys, who delivered a really groovy dance-rock set. Unfortunately, the evening ended on a sour note when tensions flared between MBMG and the JC crew over borrowing a floor tom. It was especially awkward for me as I tried to be friends with both camps.