Released March 23, 2013

CD in a 6-panel digipak.

Produced by Ben Leggett & Jean-Paul De Roover (SOCAN)
Recorded/mixed by Chris Dorota at Dining Room Studios, Thunder Bay, ON
Mastered by Phil Demetro at Lacquer Channel Mastering, Toronto, ON
Funded in part by the Ontario Arts Council

1. Silhouettes Pass – 4:19
2. Man With No Hands – 3:29
3. One By One – 3:35
4. Clarity – 3:51
5. Break My Soul – 3:11
6. The Same Old Lot – 2:59
7. I-30 – 1:07
8. Hope – 3:30
9. We Will Be – 2:43
10. She’s Happy – 3:29


“a clean, sharp, and resonating chapter of music.” – Mady RitzkerThe Navigator

“Relentless beats and surges of complex harmony. Lyrics full of real talk. A sumptuous travelogue through the chambers of an artist’s heart.” – Paul CorbyCorby’s Orbit (Radio Regent)

“Each song works amazingly with each other transitioning almost seamlessly from track to track… each song is like a piece of a puzzle painstakingly crafted to fit together in the most perfect way to create a magnificent picture.” – Chris FigliuzziNAIT Nugget

“With his style merging together in a delectable dish of rock, pop, and beloved a cappella, De Roover pulls listeners in with his familiar and distinct sound as heard in Silhouettes Pass, but leads them down a new path that shows his future musical direction. Man With No Hands highlights De Roover’s advanced vocal and song writing talents. Hope is a top track on the album and is a catchy pop/rock song that will get any listener singing along. “Complexity in Simplicity” displays De Roover’s talent and musical progress and is a perfect addition to any music lover’s collection.” – Melissa GaudetteThe Walleye

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Complexity in Simplicity

Release Date : March 23, 2013
Artist : Jean-Paul De Roover
Catalog ref. : JPDR04
Format : CD