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“Hope” acoustic feat. Shannon Lepere

After getting married in June, and buying a house not even two weeks before, both Shannon and I had our hands full. But we managed to take some time to sit down and film a quick video of us singing one of my songs, “Hope” while relaxing on our couch as husband and wife. Our good friend Curtis Jensen of Apple Wagon Films was there to capture the magic, and after I spent some time editing it, we wanted to share it with you all. Big thanks to for premiering the video.

Shannon hasn’t sung in bands for YEARS, but I’m very happy that I convinced her to join me! Maybe we’ll do this sort of thing more often?


Shannon and I on our big day – June 15, 2014 (photo by Jono and Laynie)

NewHouse-9056 small

Shannon and I on the stoop of our first home!