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London – a moment of fail, but friendship wins

I wrote earlier that I have a ton of friends in Ottawa, which is true, but I think I may have a similar number of friends in London. Regardless, everytime I always end up staying at Reggie’s place. This time though, him and his housemates (all TBay ex-pats, and 3/4 of the band Freeground) had finally gotten their band going. They were scheduled to play Saturday night with me, at what was going to be an awesome basement show at a place called The Dude Ranch. They even have their own t-shirts!

In-store pipes - photo by Shannon Lepere

The bad news, however, was that their basement flooded, so the show was canceled. This was a fail, but not so much their fault, as there was literally one brick in their basement that prevented water from flowing in, and this one wasn’t cemented in properly. Thankfully, Dustin (head Dude) was good friends with the band Staylefish playing at Call The Office that night (a legendary venue), and I was offered an opening slot on that show so that I could still perform somewhere that night. It was a ska-themed show, so I was the odd man out, but everyone still dug it, and I mean, c’mon, what’s not to like?!

Performing at Call The Office, London, ON - photo by Shannon Lepere

But, before that, I also did an in-store performance at Grooves Records. I had only found out about them since they had ordered physical CD’s of mine direct through CDBaby, so I looked them up and saw that they did in-stores, and were glad to have me!

In-store performance at Grooves Records, London, ON - photo by Shannon Lepere

Also, random side note; after the Call The Office show it was snowing crazy amounts (even a few hours before the show), yet I still saw the largest number of mini skirts walking around downtown in a blizzard thatI have ever seen in my life. You do realize that it’s early March in Canada, right?