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Greg Rekus

Fall US Tour in photos

Now that I’m back in the swing of things, I figured I’d share some of the photos that Shannon Lepere took while with me on the last US tour, as well as some of my iPhone “photography”. This includes the trek from Thunder Bay to Victoria, BC, then south to Santa Cruz, CA, back up to Portland, OR, then east to Duluth, MN before coming back home. Of course you can always look through my instagram (@jeanpaulderoover) feed to find some other random gems.

Scroll towards the end for some shots from the Y2KX+2 International Live Looping Festival in Santa Cruz, CA.

A big thank you to everyone I met on this leg of the tour, and the random friends we made while you let us sleep on your floors. Cheers, until we meet again in the Fall!


Live at the CB Booking Fest in Victoria, BC (Lindsey Blaine)

Greg Rekus representing Canada in Napa, CA

Live at the ArtLab in Fort Collins, CO (Shannon Lepere)

Live at Side Door Lounge in Omaha, NE (Shannon Lepere)

Alicia of The Love Technicians at the Side Door Lounge in Omaha, NE (Shannon Lepere)

Live at the NorthWest LoopFest in Portland, OR (Shannon Lepere)

Live at the NorthWest LoopFest in Portland, OR (Shannon Lepere)

Live at The Greater Good in Sonora, CA (Shannon Lepere)

Jumping near Big Sur, CA (Shannon Lepere)

Shannon jumping near Big Sur, CA

Admiring the view near Big Sur, CA (Shannon Lepere)

Watching over the shore near Wolf Point, CA

Live at Tycoon’s in Duluth, MN (Shannon Lepere)

Jellyfish display in the Monterey Aquarium, CA (Shannon Lepere)

Belated birthday dinner in San Francisco



With over 55 artists from 7 different countries, I certainly felt at home and in my element performing at this festival for the first time.

Jean-Paul De Roover (Canada)

Stanosaur (US) – didn’t actually use a looping device, but had three separate amps that created feedback loops. Had to leave the building it was so loud!

Whoolilicious (US) – think Cuban/Latin dance music with a looper and a live drummer

Bill Walker (US) & Mandoman (Japan) – a definite highlight! Bill plays guitar and Mandoman plays mandolin, but Mandoman built both instruments, so this was the first time that these two ‘brother’ instruments performed together!

Krispen Hartung & Aaron Davis (US) – Krispen runs the improvised music festival in Boise, ID, but this was live looping dance music to the extreme.

Laurie Amat & Rick Walker (US) – Rick runs the whole festival every year, so for the final performance he and Laurie did an experimental performance, incorporating not one but two vibrators (used musically) into the performance!


‘Pitch Pipes’ April Tour – in summary!

Back in Canadia, where I could continue the tour that ended in March with my Canadian Music Week gig in Toronto.

Pacific beach near Victoria, BC - photo by Shannon Lepere (shannonlepere.com)

I headed to the island and after some cancelations, I managed to set up some open mic gigs, where I hung out with some old friends in Victoria.

What doctors diagnosed as 'unknown spider bites'

However, I developed something that looked like bed bug bites all over my face, shoulders, one arm, one hip, and one toe. The good news is that they weren’t! Not only was I glad about that, but everyone I was staying with!

Vancouver mini saga

Travis Fishbein - Lucy Conquered Man - photo by Shannon Lepere (shannonlepere.com)

My usual weeklong stint in Vancouver had me hanging out with some of my favourite people, like Travis “Heavens to Betsy” Fishbein, who let us stay there the whole time considering there was a bed bug scare all over my face.

live at My Town Cafe, Vancouver, BC - photo by Shannon Lepere (shannonlepere.com)

I played shows at Joe’s Apartment with the Liptonians, and several cafes with Lucy Conquered Man and Andorra, while also getting to wander around Stanley Park for the first time.

Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC - photo by Shannon Lepere (shannonlepere.com)

Epic Driving

Rogers Pass - photo by Shannon Lepere (shannonlepere.com)

I have a history of hauling my body through the BC mountains, but also taking a photo at Rogers Pass. Although, the gas station where I usually take the photo is now closed!

The Prairies

live at Avenue Theatre, Edmonton, AB - photo by Shannon Lepere (shannonlepere.com)

Hands down I had some of the best times of this tour in Edmonton.

Phil Varley of Messages Via Carrier Pigeon, Edmonton, AB - photo by Shannon Lepere (shannonlepere.com)

I crashed at Phil’s place, played Padmanadi’s (a vegan restaurant) anniversary buffet, played at Avenue Theatre, AND, I was sort of pressured into doing a cover of “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit. My condition: it would be done a cappella!

Winnipeg – #&!@%$

Got rear-ended in Winnipeg. Shannon got whiplash. Isn’t that town just the best? I want to love you, 204, but you’re making it hard.

Greg Rekus / River Rebellion mini-tour

Greg Rekus at the Black Pirates Pub, Thunder Bay, ON - photo by Shannon Lepere (shannonlepere.com)

3 show mini-tour with Greg Rekus (guitarist/singer from High Five Drive) who fell through a barrel at the Black Pirates Pub and my Sioux Lookout friends The River Rebellion!

live at the Little Beaver Cultural Centre, Fort Frances, ON - photo by Shannon Lepere (shannonlepere.com)

I also made a stopover at the Little Beaver Cultural Centre in Fort Frances.

Nick Sherman of The River Rebellion, Winnipeg, MB - photo by Shannon Lepere (shannonlepere.com)


And… home! Phew! Look at how far we traveled, starting and ending in Thunder Bay. Til’ next time!