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Mini-Pipes now available

Now you too can have your very own set of mini-pipes!

You’ve been asking at the merch table for years, and thanks to Bauwerk 3D Printing in Parry Sound, ON, you can be a proud owner of your very own miniature.

Using 3D printing technology, the mini-pipes are made out of a biodegradable bioplastic called PLA (polylactic acid), just to make sure we’re not hurting the environment years down the road.

What will you do with yours? Some friends and I tried brainstorming ideas, so will yours become a keychain, a Christmas tree ornament, or simply sit on your desk reminding you of that cool show you saw? Customize it, and send me a photo of what you’ve done at me@jeanpaulderoover.com.

Only available through the online store: get yours here.