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Peterborough vs Monday

Monday’s are always tough. Ask Garfield, or better yet, ask Garfield Minus Garfield!

This particular Monday, we arrived in Peterborough, and had a hell of a time up until the show started. Shannon and I were both hungry, so we went to a grocery store to buy some soup and sidekicks. We returned to the band room at The Spill and had several strange encounters.

Above the Spill - photo by Shannon Lepere (www.shannonlepere.com)

*Basic info: there’s a dojo beside the band room.

One of the martial artists had left some of his things in the band room, so he kept intermittently coming into the space that we were working in, and getting ready to cook. This would be fine, except for the fact that he never said hello. So, he walked right into the kitchen, poured himself a drink of water, then drank it in the middle of the space, at which point a big mouthful dribbled out and onto the floor (he was facing away so we thought he spit). Weird, but funny, I went to wash the pots out from the last band that had stayed there. They hadn’t emptied out a gigantic pot full of water, that was very cloudy and thick, so as I poured it out into the toilet, a spoon fell in.

Great. Just. Great.

So I inserted my hand past the wrist to retrieve the spoon, then returned to the room to announce to Shannon, “I just put my fist in the toilet…you’re cooking!”

Several clean pots later, we started eating our soup, and then the spitting dojo guy returned, but this time he starts getting naked (he’s changing, but also waving his jock strap to his fellow martial artists).

photo by Shannon Lepere (www.shannonlepere.com)

Many laughs later, we’re in The Spill, and the show has begun. Some friends (new and old) come out, and we have a good time with Dave the owner. After my set, Full Metal Booty took to the stage. They’re an improv noise collective, and in their own words, “we’d better go last, because we’re going to clear the place out”.  Oddly enough, they didn’t, partially because the better part of the audience was on stage joining them in the off kilter sounds and noises created by modded turntables, homemade instruments, and any kind of noisemakers you could think of.

The Spill in Peterborough - photo by Shannon Lepere (www.shannonlepere.com)

Hats off to our friends that stuck through the night, as it was not a very palatable sound.