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Mini-Pipes now available

Now you too can have your very own set of mini-pipes!

You’ve been asking at the merch table for years, and thanks to Bauwerk 3D Printing in Parry Sound, ON, you can be a proud owner of your very own miniature.

Using 3D printing technology, the mini-pipes are made out of a biodegradable bioplastic called PLA (polylactic acid), just to make sure we’re not hurting the environment years down the road.

What will you do with yours? Some friends and I tried brainstorming ideas, so will yours become a keychain, a Christmas tree ornament, or simply sit on your desk reminding you of that cool show you saw? Customize it, and send me a photo of what you’ve done at me@jeanpaulderoover.com.

Only available through the online store: get yours here.

US Odyssey Part 14: Seattle

Yes! Gigantic Pipes! - photo by Shannon Lepere (www.shannonlepere.com)

Ah Seattle, the home of the space needle. And right beside it, the biggest set of red pipes I’ve ever seen! I was at home, so we embraced.

photo by Shannon Lepere (www.shannonlepere.com)

Seattle is also the home of musical legends like Nirvana, as well as lesser revered acts like the Presidents of the United States of America. Shannon and I stopped in at a museum of music and science fiction (that month featuring Nirvana and Battlestar Galactica). I went to the gift shop hoping that I could find some PUSA swag, but alas, no dice. The guy at the counter exclaimed that “it’s really weird they don’t have anything for sale here, considering their bassist Chris Ballew works here!” Small world. Also, it’s a sobering (yet oddly reassuring) thought when you realize that your rock star heros have day jobs too.

Glass skylight in the Seattle underground - photo by Shannon Lepere (www.shannonlepere.com)

We did some other touristy things like take a tour of Seattle’s underground. You can read up on the history of the city, but in a brief summary: the city slid into mud and also burnt down, so when they rebuilt it, all the buildings were designed with ornate second floors, so that once they built it up again, the second story would become the main entrance. This underground series of tunnels and walkways have an interesting history and appeal to them that made a great way of experiencing a town I know very little about other than what I’ve seen on Frasier. Side note: there is only one place to buy Frasier merchandise, and it’s a t-shirt – that’s it. Weak!