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Toronto Rhapcity review

Uri Mendoza of Toronto Rhapcity was on his own Canadian tour not so long ago, stopping in every other major centre in Canada, reviewing bands, records and more at every stop. As a touring machine myself, I could certainly appreciate his determination!

While he was in Thunder Bay, he caught my show and did a review. On top of that, he also grabbed a copy of the new record and gave it a really nice review! He’s in Korea at the moment, so we wish him  well, but he’s busy writing about his adventures so make sure to check out his website: www.torontorhapcity.com.

Complexity in Simplicity” album review

Meet Jean-Paul De Roover” article


Some highlights:

–  “Watching him perform onstage was like watching shattered glass piece itself back together; the songs started out as small fragments of a whole, and slowly coalesced into their proper form.”

–  “This is what pop music should sound like; it should sound like a dream, because dreams are where our desires come from, and pop music speaks to our desires.”

–  “He actually reminds me of Steven Page, the former vocalist for the Barenaked Ladies.”

–  “A one-man coming of age and introspective musical about your life. Every moment of self-doubt, every hopeful and revitalizing moment of tranquil clarity, every little detail of your taped up broken heart marked “fragile,” every difficult goodbye, they’re all here. Except that De Roover’s voice is so crisp and clear that it immerses you in the story, placing you in the moment. When he screams, “Get up! Get up! Get up!” you want to get up and run out the door, feet pounding the ground underneath you, their intensity matched only by your hammering heart, which screams out for a second chance.”