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Making of “Complexity in Simplicity” Videos

So this past September, I pulled off something crazy. I recorded a full length album at Dining Room Studios in Thunder Bay in less than 2 weeks, between two big tours (one of Eastern Canada, the other of Western Canada/US). Not only was I performing for the bulk of the time, I also had some gigs during that 2 week stint, on top of planning a surprise birthday party for Shannon’s 30th! It was intense to say the least. Thank goodness Ben Leggett was at the helm.

Shannon and I both had cameras and phones running from time to time, so here are some videos showing the ‘making of’ of the new album, titled Complexity in Simplicity.

*Note, the songs you hear in the videos are my demo versions from the summer. The finished songs are still being mixed – you’ll hear them soon enough!

After The Empire

After The Empire - live in Toronto

Many moons ago I was in Toronto and happened to stumble in on some friends working on their first EP. I was crashing on their couch for a few days, and was also invited to join in as a ‘guest vocalist’ for one of the songs. They’re called After The Empire, and their EP is now available for free download on their bandcamp page. Check out “Ghost Town” and listen closely for my guest ‘ooohs’ in the background at around 1:14. I really dig their stuff, because it’s got the heaviness of metal, the attitude of rock and roll, lots of atmosphere, and vocals that might not be your thing…at first, but will eventually become anthemic! “Freedom Lives… it simply is”.