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John Adam Ian – Elastic

In January of 2014, a friend of mine from New Brunswick asked me to be a part of a long distance collaboration project. Jai Sadler (aka John Adam Ian) used to play in the metal band We, The Undersigned (great band name), but has since moved on and now lives in Montreal. He had written an instrumental and wanted me to try singing on it. Well, about a year and 9 months later I finally got around to contributing my part. Along with some melodic input from his former bandmate and fellow friend Andy Stevens, I wrote some words, sang them, and then took Jai’s stem tracks and mixed, edited and tweaked some things before sending it back. So, it’s with pleasure that I present to you a project that took way too long for me to finally participate in, but I’m glad I did. Who knows… there might be more on the way!