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Euro Tour – Part IV

Over the course of the tour, we made several trips to downtown Bremen and the Schnoor neighbourhood. Here are some of our photos from those adventures! Bremen, DE – Downtown While it looks ridiculous, Ausfahrt actually means “exit”, so we’d see it everywhere. In fact, the band NoMeansNo even named an album after being confused by...

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Euro Tour – Part III

11.05 – Workshop at the Refugee camp With the cancelation of one of the other promo activities that day, we were asked if we’d like to stop by one of the Syrian refugee camps to help with a music workshop. We joined Mona at the Songs & Whispers headquarters and walked over with a couple...

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Euro Tour – Part II

10.30 – Mechelen, BE – Zennegat 13 As we would find out later, this venue was one of the hardest to find. For our first show of the tour, we were frustrated trying to find this tiny little bar at the tip of a triangle shaped pier that we weren’t allowed to drive to. On...

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Euro Tour – Part I

Because of the somewhat limited access to internet while I was in Germany, and the fact that time passed so brutally quickly, here’s the beginning of the tour blog, presented in short collections of show / event summaries! 11.26 – Depart from Toronto Me, getting ready to depart from Toronto at Pearson International Airport. For two...

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Euro Tour #1 – Autobahn

The European tour has begun! I’ll be posting more updates and blog posts over at the official Tour Blog portion of the site, as well as smaller videos, photos etc on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on. In the meantime, enjoy this little video of my first experiences on the world famous, speed limit-less Autobahn.

Fall US Tour in photos

Now that I’m back in the swing of things, I figured I’d share some of the photos that Shannon Lepere took while with me on the last US tour, as well as some of my iPhone “photography”. This includes the trek from Thunder Bay to Victoria, BC, then south to Santa Cruz, CA, back up...

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