Kitchener has usually been a gamble. In my other touring experiences, it was always rough, having spent a fair number of nights at the Circus Room (what a dive). This time though, I was at the Little Bean Coffee Bar, and it had a great little stage and a great sounding room for an act of my size. The people that showed up also stayed for the entire show (close to 2 hours), and we stoked about it, that we ended up chatting for almost an hour after that! Not to worry, I’ll be back, Kitchener. But now, it’s time for Oshawa.

Live at the Little Bean Coffee Bar - photo by Shannon Lepere (

I’ve never been to Oshawa, so this was as much of an adventure as we could get in southern Ontario. We showed up quite early, and literally sat at a Starbucks for a few hours. I was busy working on some composition works for Apple Wagon Films (maybe I’ll post samples of the music at some point – if not, there should be a demo reel eventually), while Shannon disappeared to find a bank, driving halfway across town only to realize when she returned that there was in fact one rig beside Starbucks!

Live at Durham College - photo by Shannon Lepere (

We arrived at the Durham college cafeteria for the show, and it’s pretty neat, because the students in the music business program have to run events throughout the year. This was an ‘acoustic night’, and it showcased a lot of the talent that many of the students possess as artists not just future members of the music industry.

Braeden Mitchell live at Durham College - photo by Shannon Lepere (

Another cool thing about their program is that they have to volunteer at Canadian Music Week, but not just at a booth at the conferences; as stage managers at some of the venues. It was pretty neat seeing all those same kids two days later in Toronto!