Last night was an interesting night.

I didn’t leave the residence until after 7:30 PM, at which time I had hoped to go to The Legion to catch a band called ‘The Ramblers’, who were apparently releasing a DVD. Unfortunately, it was membership only, and no one was willing to sign me in that I met.

Just as well, as I went to a “funk and punk” themed party instead. It was hosted by the same group of people that held the “robots and aliens” party the week previous. Interesting note: it was mostly white people, but there were a handful of Inuit there (although I don’t think that they were full Inuit), as I’ve found that the two different groups (francophones would be a third) generally keep to themselves. Sure, white people have X number of Inuit friends, and vice versa, BUT…that number rarely exceeds the number of friends they have of their own ethnic group. Regardless, the reason why I’m glad that I went to this party was because I met two very interesting people.

First was a lawyer working up here who was actually one of the founders of the Pop Montreal Festival. Back in 2002/2003, she helped write up the original business plans (which weren’t that great, considering that they lost a lot of money over the first 3 years. Apparently they weren’t able to secure any funding from any sources until they had established themselves as a festival for 3 years.

How did this discussion come about? They were serving St Ambroise beer, which has a Pop Montreal logo on the back of the bottle. Our initial interaction went as follows:
“hey look! Pop Montreal!”
“I applied their for the last 2 years and didn’t get in”
“oh yeah? I helped create it!”
…and our conversation went on from there. Turns out, she also used to do a lot of work for various environmental activist groups, specifically those interested in protecting Beluga whales.

Next, I met someone else that is currently working at the francophone school serving meals. She’s a vegan and enjoys making all sorts of different eco-friendly drinks, smoothies and more. By living in Iqaluit, she’s not able to prepare a lot of the different things that she’d like, since certain sprouts, grasses, and even dehydration units (instead of ovens) are not readily available up here. What was most interesting about talking to her was that she’s going to go to the Just For Laughs School, for 2 years, taking courses on comedy. This is because she thinks that her life, being a vegan and all her work with healthy foods and eating habits would make for great comedy. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, I WAS surprised at the fact that there is a school of comedy. How amazing. If music fails me, that’s next.

Meanwhile…at this time I’m currently watching a ridiculous movie called Kung Fu Hustle. If you’d like to see awesome action scenes with ridiculous dancing and stunts, I would recommend this movie. Like it says on the box, “Think KILL BILL meets LOONEY TUNES”.