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European Tour – 2016 – Germany / USA (12 shows)
Mexico Y2K16 – 2016 – Mexico (3 shows) – funded by the Canada Council for the Arts
European Tour – 2015 – Germany / Belgium (25 shows)
‘Wet Hot Canadian Summer’ North American Tour – 2015 – Western Canada / Western US (26 shows)
‘Get Up and Get Out’ North American Tour – 2014 – Western Canada / Western US / Central US / Ontario (60 shows) – funded by the Ontario Arts Council
‘The Great White Escape’ Tour – 2014 – Quebec (4 shows)
‘Complexity in Simplicity’ Album Release Tour – 2013 – Cross-Canada (32 shows)
‘Live at the Tomlinson Block’ Video EP Release Tour – 2012 – Western Canada/Western & Central US (29 shows)
One-Man-Band Tour – 2012 – Ontario (9 shows)
Year of the Loop 2012 – Eastern Canada (26 shows)
Eastern Canada Tour – 2011 – Eastern Canada (20 shows)
‘Pitch Pipes’ EP Release Tour – 2011 – Cross-Canada, select US (35 shows)
‘Might as Well’ Tour Ontario – 2010 – Ontario (12 shows)
Tour for ‘You’ – 2010 – Cross-Canada (40 shows)
‘Fix’ Tour – 2010 – Cross-Canada (35 shows)
‘Windows and Doors’ Album Release Tour – 2009 – Cross-Canada (68 shows)
Northern Rocks Tour – 2009 – Northern Ontario (6 shows)
Rude to TOurDD – 2008 – Western Canada (8 shows)
Opportunity Cost – 2007 – Western Canada (13 shows)


Shared stages with the Beach Boys, Goo Goo Dolls, Beardyman, USS, Said The Whale, Rich Aucoin, The Weakerthans, Peter Elkas, Shawn Verreault (of Wide Mouth Mason), Sean Ashby, Coco Love Alcorn, Wax Mannequin, Rae Spoon, Bend Sinister, Craig Cardiff, Rah Rah, The Liptonians, Miracle Fortress and many, MANY more.


Mexico Y2K16 International Live Looping Festival (Mexico City, Guadalajara, Zapopan – 2016)
Red Rock Folk Festival (Red Rock, ON – 2016, 2013, 2012 and 2009)
Harmony of Nations Festival (Fort Frances, ON – 2014)
Red Rock Folk Festival (Red Rock, ON – 2013, 2012 and 2009)
Y2K International Live Looping Festival (Santa Cruz, CA – 2014 and 2012)
Canadian Music Week (Toronto, ON – 2011)
Trout Forest Music Festival (Ear Falls, ON – 2011)
FAM Festival (Windsor, ON – 2011 & 2010)
Robson Valley Music Festival (Dunster, BC – 2010)
Nocturne (Halifax, NS – 2010)
NXNE (Toronto, ON – 2009)
Field Festival (Craik, SK – 2008)
and many other national/regional events.


Winner of Best Album (“Complexity in Simplicity”), Best Solo Artist, Best Singer, & Best Musician – The Walleye (2014)
Nominated for the Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award for “She’s Happy” – Ontario Arts Council (2013)
Nominated for Best Vocal Performance – Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards (2012)


Featured reviews in Exclaim!, Earshot!, The Georgia Straight (Vancouver, BC), and other national and regional print and web publications. Interviews, articles and live photos featured in weeklies, dailies from across the country. See below for press quotes.


Various songs have been featured on episodes of CBC One’s Bandwidth, and other programs on CBC Radio Two.
All three releases have charted nationally, with ‘Windows and Doors’ being featured on campus radio stations across North America, spending over 9 months in the top 10 (over 5 weeks at #1) at CILU 102.7 fm in Thunder Bay, ON, and reaching #46 on Earshot!’s Top 50. ‘Pitch Pipes’ and ‘Dichotomy’ have also charted for over 6 weeks each, and broken into Earshot!’s Top 100.
Overall, these releases have been broadcast on over 200 campus/community stations across the continent.


Two music videos ‘Fix’ and ‘You’ have both been featured on MuchMusic’s ‘The Wedge’ in 2010 and 2011 respectively. Also featured at Bay Street Film Festival, FAM Festival and other indie film festivals in Canada.


“…the mad scientist of the Thunder Bay music scene…Jean-Paul De Roover live, is a spectacle that you NEED to see.” – Jason WellwoodEarshot!

“Watching him perform onstage was like watching shattered glass piece itself back together; the songs started out as small fragments of a whole, and slowly coalesced into their proper form…This is what pop music should sound like; it should sound like a dream, because dreams are where our desires come from, and pop music speaks to our desires…He actually reminds me of Steven Page.” – Uriel MendozaTorontoRhapcity.com

“Armed with an acoustic guitar, a drum machine and an arsenal of effect pedals…Furiously multi-tasking with apparent ease, De Roover added layer upon layer of vocals, guitar and drum samples…as he built a thick wall of sound.” – Colin HarrisThe Charlatan

“I have my eye on Jean-Paul De Roover. I think he’ll be as good as, as influential as, Robert Fripp – never heard of King Crimson? Then you’re younger than I am. But if you have, you may want to go if only to make comparative notes, and rekindle the feeling of truly seeing something fresh.” – Duncan WellerThe Chronicle Journal

“To describe it is nearly impossible and to shove it into any genre is unfeasible.” – Derrick MontyThe Argus

“He is a sensitive singer with a flexible voice, he lays down harmonies and background sounds (including percussive noises) with an ease and facility that is amazing to watch/hear. He reminds me at various times of Brian Wilson, or Lindsey Buckingham.” – David KidneyRylander Quarterly Online

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