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November 28th – Red Deer – Velvet Olive

Red Deer was pretty neat! It was a really small room, but it definitely filled up after a birthday party group showed up. I got a little scared for my life at one point in the evening, here’s the story:

As I was playing, all of a sudden, the audience starts to go crazy! Coming in the main door, is a really buff looking guy…wearing nothing but the same type of g-string thing as Borat, except it was leopard print, and not bright green. So, he heads over to the party group, who are all squealing in hysterics. I definitely stumbled in my lyrics too! When I finished the song, the guy ended up leaving to go back to the bathroom to change, so I figured I’d be a comedian. “This next song goes out to the guy in the very revealing clothes, it’s called Junior”. Funny, n’est pas? However, one of his friends yelled out something along the lines of “better watch out, buddy!”, meant in good fun, but still, I apologetically countered, saying that “that’s why I didn’t say it when he was in the room, because I saw the size of his arms!” The song repeats the word ‘junior’ fairly often, so I changed the lyrics half way through to avoid saying it, because my physique is more like that of Borat (although my moustache is less than glorious).

There’s a next blog, so I lived!