For the past few years, I’ve been doing a cappella versions of some of my favourite songs. What started as a means of getting through a performance after my guitar’s onboard electronics would fail (I’m a sweaty guy), eventually became a love of the all-vocal performance style I’ve embraced ever since singing Barbershop when I was in high school. Hell, I even put out my own “Pitch Pipes” a cappella EP in 2011.

I’ve always been a fan of punk rock, rock n’ roll and anything loud and full of energy. Even at my shows, you’ve probably heard me do a version of Danko Jones‘ song “Cadillac”. Well, after spending time at Coalition Music in Toronto, we did a quick live taping of my swing-a-pella version. Here’s the video for you to enjoy!

I’m a big fan of promoting Canadian artists, so although Danko Jones is now a familiar name, once upon a time he was primarily known in Sweden and Europe thanks to his label Bad Taste Records (who gave me permission to do this cover!). On the topic of promoting Canadian artists, here’s an older a cappella cover of “Mean Things” by Carpenter from Vancouver.