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US Odyssey Part 15: Shannon

Sampling cupcakes at SXSW

As the US Odyssey comes to it’s conclusion, it’s fun to reflect on all the fun times that were had. Thankfully, nothing devastating happened (we were expecting at least something to go awry). After climbing canyons, crossing borders, and doing some serious touristic exploration, we made it back in one piece, and closer than when we left (despite still living out of a Ford Focus wagon).

Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles, CA

However, with this concluding post of the US adventures, I wanted to thank my partner in crime, my travel companion, my love, my friend; Shannon Lepere. Without her this trip would have been much less exciting; I wouldn’t have seen some of the most random places in the US, nor would I have eaten at half the diners we did. Still, I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Waiting for dinner on a double decker bus, Portland, OR

With this, I’d also like to pass the torch on to her, as she recently started her own photo blog called “Click“.

New Site Launched!

The new site has launched!  Just in time for the tour!  Dan Robere of Frisson Creative put in some quality time, and it shows!  Let us both know what you think in the comments!

Feel free to explore, as there’s tons of content and I should be adding more in the next little while.  You can visit the Blog to see some of my older blog entries, but this front page will always have the newest!  The Tour section has all my tour dates, so I’m really looking forward to seeing you all as I cross the country again for 2 months!