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bridge street cafe

March 20th/21st – Sackville, Moncton and Hopewell Rocks, NB

We made it to New Brunswick, but considering the size of the province, we had a lot of time to spend. One of the downsides of touring is that there’s a lot of waiting. And doing tourist-y things costs money – which generally keeps most musicians sitting in dark bars and venues hours before a gig. Thankfully, places like the Bridge Street Cafe in Sackville and Plan B in Moncton are also restaurants and very nice places to be in during the day!

Still, we yearned for something more with our day, so we took a drive to visit two interesting NB spots.


Magnetic Hill, NB
Strolling - Magnetic Hill, NB

I was actually nervous at first because if for some reason there was a large deposit of magnetic metals, I didn’t want to damage any of my equipment. We looked it up, and it’s just an optical illusion (read more here). Since the attraction was closed we couldn’t drive it, but we walked, and weren’t ready to believe the hype. Apparently it’s very cool if you’re in a car, but since we were on foot, we’re glad we didn’t have to spend $5.


Lookout point - Hopewell Rocks, NB
Closed - Hopewell Rocks, NB
Medium tide - Hopewell Rocks, NB

Once again, all the attractions are closed for the season, but we could still look out at the flowerpot pillars at Hopewell Rocks. Dangerous walks weren’t possible, but I’d love to come back so that I could explore some of the caves during low tide.