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Sault Ste Marie / North Bay – November 13-14

Sault Ste Marie is such a good starting point for a tour. It’s always nice to get to Bottoms Up Lounge and share some music. This time was slightly different though, because Shannon and I suffered through sleet on the way from Thunder Bay, and were pleasantly surprised to have another act (Sasa Jurko) to split the timeslot with, since I was exhausted from the stressful drive.

Either way, North Bay is also a good time.

Shannon and I rushed to get there from Sault Ste Marie in order to make it to a ‘brunch/hangover’ show from 11AM to 3PM with Craig Cardiff. I didn’t play, but it was nice to have a diner breakfast and relax to some soft folky loops followed by a short hangout.

Afterwards, we headed to the Urban Cafe for the show there with Ben and Ryan.

photo by Shannon Lepere

One of the most interesting parts of it though, was going to Polly’s tattoo parlour after the show to check out a “Killers” art show that had opened the night before. All the art was based on, or had something to do with serial killers. His contribution was to make a bikini out of pig-skin, which he then appropriately named ‘E.G. Couture’ (standing for Ed Gein)

E.G. Couture by Polly Hatter - photo by Shannon Lepere

He even tattooed “Mom” on it!