Here’s another photo update from my Belgium trip!

On our way back from France, stopping by to see the Belgian seaside

very developed waterfront properties

reverse view

I was fascinated by the shells

my dad helping me find interesting shells

beach treasures

…and crab limbs…


footprints in the sand

thanks to my dad for snapping this cool shot

peeking through the sandgrass

a Zeeman

…aka Seaman

a very strange airplane replica

“the forgotten church”

thatched roof

suspension bridge

this photo was inspired by a photo by Shannon Lepere

A really cool duo that I got the chance to see live in Diksmuide, Belgium.

They’re called Kinnego Flux, and they’re from Belfast, Ireland.

As a duo, they combine live looping with bass, saxophone, trumpet, voice and electronica to create some really funky, danceable loop music.

Best act of the night, but that’s probably because I appreciate live instruments instead of laptop knob twiddling…

Outside of the dance club in Diksmuide

There was a random heron perched below that scared the crap out of me.

Kid606 live in Diksmuide

With the fastest exposure in low light, you can see that he was the most dynamic of the DJ performers that night.

The entire area between the sound booth and the stage was filled with dancing, drinking, and smoking people.

This picture brings me back, and is almost an homage to Green Day, and the back cover of their “Dookie” album. See what I mean.

My cousin Erwin De Roover (left) and the lead vocalist from his band

Erwin De Roover live!