So here it goes…a foray into new territory. I’ve never really been one for blogging or online journals, however, in the next while I will be quite busy with many different things, so I figured a good way for people to find out about what I’m up to/what I’ve done will be through this informative page!

This is what I’ve got on my plate for the next few months:
September – travel to Iqaluit, NU for my MA thesis research
October – go on tour with AVS
November – travel to Ottawa, ON for more MA thesis research
December – go on tour with Night Safari
December onwards – record the full length ‘Windows and Doors’ album, finish writing the MA thesis, and start preparing for at least one full year of music!

So…for the next few months, I will hopefully be putting up updates of my whereabouts, photos, stories, music, and who knows what else…maybe jokes?

So stay tuned, as I’m off to get ready for the next few months. Phew!

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