When we finally left Austin, we didn’t even go very far as we were headed to Plano, but wow, it certainly took us a while.

How long is a while you may ask?

What should’ve been a casual 3 hour drive ended up taking 7 and a bit. We were seriously wondering whether we were going to actually see Shannon’s extended family that day or not, as traffic was at a standstill for a really long time. Shannon’s bladder was becoming a cause for concern until we saw the reason for the hold up, and her pains seemed minuscule in comparison. A transport had ended up scraping itself against the freeway side wall, obliterating half the cargo container, and then smashed into the wall head on, if not maybe into another vehicle as well. To put it into perspective visually, front was crushed so badly that the drivers’ seat was now vertical and where the drivers side window should have been. Puts the reality of cross country driving in check.

Playing a baby grand in Plano, TX

We finally arrived in Plano to stay with Shannon’s uncle and family. We knew the place was going to be big, but we didn’t think that it’d be so big that the router barely carried the wifi to half the house. That, and they also had a ‘media centre‘ on the 2nd floor, which was actually bigger than most of Shannon’s apartment. Inside was a giant TV, all the gaming consoles you could think of, an enormous bean bag chair, 3 movie theater ready laz-e-boys, and finally, the piece de resistance; a massage chair.

Was it really a massage chair though? It mostly felt like a boxer was attacking your tailbone, while your feet were stuck in blood pressure cuffs, as this guy pinched the skin around your spine and twisted it.

Obviously we took turns of close to 30 minutes each in it.