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November 27th – Calgary – That Empty Space/The Underground

Calgary is always a good time, and I was glad to be coming back to That Empty Space at the University of Calgary campus. I played with Jonathan Li once again, and managed to do an interview at CJSW right before my set! It was definitely set to be a really busy day.

Not only is Calgary always deadly, but anytime I play there, they always make cool posters. Unfortunately, as soon as I came out of the University show the weather had completely flipped. When I walked in at 2, I had socks and sandals (faux pas, I know), but when I left, there were dozens of vehicles every hundred feet along the side of the road with broken axles and stuck in ditches. It’s like Calgarians don’t know how to handle icy roads at all! (I jest, they were really slippery, even for my new wagon!). Sadly, the roads affected the turnout of the bar show that night, but Brandon and I went upstairs during the breaks to dance it up at a rave in The Warehouse!

November 13th – Calgary – Dickens Pub

Ah, Calgary, the town that is always good to me. It’s great showing up at a show to find this:

Also on the bill was Wivestale, who played awesomely! Their new sound blends rock with alternative/prog and even bluegrass beats, but Brandon still has that characteristic scream/yell which made me write songs specifically with him in mind as a vocalist a few years ago. After that I performed, and had a great time, followed by Silo, who played ‘Nickelback-esque’ rock. They’re good at what they do, but it’s just not my thing. BUT, I will give them props for having a tour bus that they brought a whole pile of friends to the show with. That’s awesome!