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October 22nd – Montreal – Bar St Laurent 2

On my way out of the maritimes, I thought I would crash in Quebec city, but I decided that I might as well keep going, and ended up in Montreal, but first, I stopped at this strange sight. It was a photography studio, with a pirate flag. Strange, but cool!

At Bar St Laurent 2, I played with The Attic (whose house I crashed at for 2 nights, thanks guys!). It was also their very first show as a band (at a bar), so they were excited, did a really great job, and had a bunch of friends come out and dance to them! Also on the bill was Nadia and the Tchotchkes, whose name is equally as awesome as the music. They had another gig that night, so they took off early, but overall it was a good night.

October 10th – Montreal – Burritoville

Burritoville was an interesting place. Naturally, there was no way to get paid, other than a fantastic burrito meal. It took me a while to find the place though because their myspace page had their old address (a year old) listed, so I was on the complete other side of town, and the neighbours all thought that they had closed down. Eventually I found the place, but it was more of a rehearsal than anything. There were a handful of people that had shown up to eat food, but music was not something they were particularly interested in. Especially the two girls sitting *right* in front of me. I didn’t even get a ‘hey, this guy is making music and I feel bad that no one’s here’ pity clap.

Ah well, it was the also the first time I had to pay for lodging. Unfortunately, I tried looking for hostels only to realize that it was in fact thanksgiving (no wonder Burritoville was near empty), and they were all booked up. I contacted all 11 or so hostels, and the very last one had a room available. For $90. I know. That had better be the BEST hostel room I’ve ever seen in my life! So I got there (it was in older Montreal), and was informed that there had been a cancellation, so I managed to get a bunk in the basement for only $23 instead. However, I had left my sleeping bag in the car in a parkade, and this bunk did not include a blanket. It was a cheap, yet cold night for me. Then when I awoke, I found this staring back at me on the wall of one of the bathroom stalls.
Before heading eastward again, I stopped at a local cafe and had some breakfast.