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Nick Sherman

More Nick Sherman CD goodness!

Yep, it’s been busy here at the Nick Sherman camp – it really feels like I haven’t even touched my own material because I’ve been working so closely with him. However, this stuff is wicked fun to be a part of!

We’ve had 2 packed CD release shows (Thunder Bay and Sioux Lookout), with still one more to come in Fort Frances, and people are loving the disc and the full band live show.

Here are some photos:

CD Release show in Thunder Bay - photo by Shannon Lepere
CD Release show in Sioux Lookout - photo by Rob Cantin

You can now download the album on iTunes!

October 25th – Toronto – The Central

For the next few shows, I either got bored, distracted or busy, but either way, I stopped taking photos with my camera.

However, Derek Lang of BagelHot was there and snapped a few!

It was a get together for my friend Diane, for no particular reason other than she was in town and wanted to get some friends together. So we combined it with a show at the upstairs of The Central, which wasn’t the biggest of spaces. Also, I was situated right beside a furnace. VERY hot all night.

I crashed at Nick’s place that night.

October 4th – Toronto – The Central

I finally made it to Toronto, where I was going to have another ‘northern’ night, splitting the evening with Nick Sherman and Aviva Thierry, both from Sioux Lookout. Nick went up first, and I joined him for his last song, which is so catchy, I’ve literally been humming it for days after, and now that I know how to play it, I just want to keep it for my own! But I will refrain…Still…it’s an awesome song.

Aviva went on after that, showing off her amazing voice and switching between guitar and keys very well.
I ended the night, getting several encores and requests, making it a good night after having a tearful goodbye with Shannon at the airport that afternoon as she went back to Thunder Bay.