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Rogers Pass

And now for a special ‘show-unrelated’ entry! After Kelowna I drove
to Cochrane, beginning at 1am. It was a long trip through the Rockies,
with lots of snow, slush, rain and fog throughout Rogers Pass.
This is the part of the trip when nostalgia really kicked in. AVS and
I have traveled this route a fair bit over the past few years. In
fact, we’ve taken a group photo everytime we pass a particular gas

2005 – Woodpecker Tour

2006 – 40 days and nights tour

2007 – Rude to TOurDD

And even though it was 4:30am, terrible weather AND I was weather
sandals, I made sure to continue a photo tradition.

2009 – “Windows and Doors” national release tour

Now you can see why I’m sad, as I’m now the only one screaming through the subsequent
tunnels at the top of my lungs. I miss those guys.