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October 1st – London – London Music Club

London was an incredibly vital part of the tour: not only did I get to see my good friend Reggie (and stay at his house for several nights throughout my southern Ontario adventures).

We met up as I was traveling through to Windsor for some breakfast, and we were joined at one point by the Jessica Ireland, the A&E editor for Interrobang, Fanshawe’s student newpaper.
Also, December 1st was Shannon’s birthday, so we had made arrangements for her to come down and spend a few days with me in the town where she had gone to school. We even scheduled a little photo shoot with a Julie Hodgins-Zillman, a photographer friend of hers.

We also did some wandering around town, visiting some vintage boutiques where they had interesting lamps and more made out of old appliances, as well as handmade dresses and things that were of more interest to her than I! (Dresses just don’t suit me!)

But we also went for a walk through a park, which by god, had the most squirrels I’ve ever seen in one place before. It looked like a sea of sideways-moving moustaches. They were mostly of the black variety too. But I decided to get close, until I did realize (by noticing one of their tails – sparse with hair) that they are in fact part of the rodent family and that they *could* be carrying different diseases and infections should I get bitten. Still, I took the risk and got close!

Honestly, sometimes you just can’t help it, they look so cute despite giving off the impression that they want to fight you…
…fight you hard, and steal your lady.

But enough about squirrels. That night I played at the London Music Club with Pawnshop Diamond (who I played with in Windsor too) and Darelle London. It was the first of several London shows, but not quite the best (in terms of turnout).

September 30th – Windsor – Phog Lounge

Driving into Windsor was funny, because at one point you’re literally in a line on the only highway into the states, so traffic got pretty slow. However, a van in front and to my left had left their rear door ajar, and I sadly witnessed about 10 fedoras fall out and get crushed. I caught up to him about a kilometre later and told him that the door was open, but he didn’t seem fazed about the hats. Maybe he was a hat smuggler? Not a very glamourous job.

Windsor was a nice place, and I got to play the Phog Lounge, a venue I kept hearing about for years, as it was nominated Best Canadian Venue by CBC in the past, so I was very excited to have gotten booked there! Several days before, I checked their blog, and noticed that the owner Tom had put a really positive review on my material, pumping up the show as well as linking to my sites and videos, so I was stoked!