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Damien Gilbert

One By One – Official Music Video

Here it is, the official music video for One By One.

A big thank you to Damien Gilbert of Epica Pictures for directing the video. Additional big thanks to everyone involved. So many of you were involved, so here is the big list of credits:

Damien Gilbert

Jean-Paul De Roover

Mike Thompson
Cale Juergensen
Marcy Costa

Shannon Lepere

(in order of appearance)

Jean-Paul De Roover – Himself
The Pipes – Themselves
Scott Legros – Homeless Man
Cale Juergensen – Mugger
Janice Webb Sherrard – City Girl
Shannon Lepere – Photographer
Jason Randle – Groom
Christina Randle – Bride
Angela Benedict – Rollerblader 1
Alyx Sparkes – Rollerblader 2
Reagan Lees – Ice Cream Girl
Kyle Lees – Ice Cream Dad
Marcy Costa – Barista
Mario Costa – Coffee Shop Patron 1
Dan Wilder – Coffee Shop Patron 2
Melissa Gaudette – Jumper 1
Ryan Furchner – Jumper 2
Candace Twance – Jumper 3
Asher Twance – Jumper 4
John Cornell – Jumper 5
Rauli Pohjolainen – Gardener
Caprice Ruberto – Sun Tanner
Chris Dorota – Smoker
Danny Axent – Business Man
Dave Angell – Baker
Alan Tocheri – Frisbee Player 1
Mike Thompson – Frisbee Player 2
Dallas Hogan – Weightlifter
Mike Thompson – Skateboarder
Eric Westelaken – Man In Van
Aya Mohammed – Drive Thru Server
Derek Shaffer – TV Repair Guy
Jax – Chasing Dog
Nick Sherman – Guy Getting Tattoo
Dennis Dumphy – Tattoo Artist
Chantal DeGrace – Mime

(in alphabetical order)

Danny Axent
Jolanta Baldowski
Marcy Costa
Lisa Dias
Christina Randle
Dennis Dumphy
Melissa Gaudette
Scott Legros
Shannon Lepere
Rob Magnusson
Aya Mohammed
Derek Shafer
Nick Sherman
Katelyn Steadwell
Mike Thompson
Candace Twance
Molly Vaclav
Dan Wilder

Cindy at Canada Safeway for the Cake
Matt at Matt Carr Repair for the iPhones
Mike at Sound Stereo for the TV
Ron Harpelle for the Camera
Wally & Debbie Modin for the Lawn
Matt, Onur and Marie at Black Pirates Pub
Catherine at The Bean Fiend
Steve at Chachi’s Drive-In
Gallery 33

One By One – video release party

On November 6th, Epica Pictures and I will be hosting a release party for the music video for “One By One”. It’s all happening at A Little To The Left (beside Gargoyle’s), in a special all ages show. The evening will include a live performance by me, several short clips from Epica Pictures, the video premiere, a Q&A session with Damien and I, and of course a chance to meet the star of the video: “The Pipes”! Full details below:

Jean-Paul De Roover presents:

One By One – Music Video Release Party

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

A Little To The Left (beside Gargoyle’s Grille & Ale) – 11 Cumberland St S

8 PM  –  All Ages / Licensed  –  Admission by donation

Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards 2012

As some of you may have heard, some of my work was recognized at the 2012 Northern Ontario Music and Film Awards at the end of April.

Performing at the music showcase at The Townehouse

I had a hell of a time, driving down to Sudbury with my good friend Nick Sherman, playing the showcase, the awards, and bringing home the nomination plaques! Not to mention hanging out with some of my new/old friends like Faraway Neighbours, Kalle Mattson, Faye Blais and many, MANY more.

I was nominated for the ‘Best Vocal Performance of the Year’ category for the song Fix from my a cappella EP. You can still download it for free on my soundcloud! I was up against Faye Blais (who took the award) as well as Cindy Doire, two wonderful and deserving singers – they’re touring Canada if not now then soon, so check them out!

'Best Vocal Performance of the Year' 2012 Nominee

Also nominated was Chris Dorota of Dining Studios for engineering my ‘Pitch Pipes’ EP and Piotr Skowronski for editing the ‘You’ music video (he couldn’t make it, unfortunately). Chris is always a classy man, but still the life of the party.

'Best Engineer of the Year' 2012 Nominee - Chris Dorota of Dining Room Studios for 'Pitch Pipes'

Here are some other photos of the festivities, my performance at the Great Hall as part of the Awards ceremony and a collection of others. A big thanks to everyone at Music and Film in Motion, and I’m looking forward to attending again next year!

Drinking water with Nick Sherman after the music showcase
Performing at the Awards Ceremony at the Great Hall
Realizing Damien Gilbert and I both have very bright shoes
Performing at the Awards Ceremony at the Great Hall
All the 2012 Award winners and Nominees

You can check out the final list of winners, etc here.