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Live on BRBR

When I was getting ready for the European tour in November, I was pretty stressed with things to do, but when the TFO television show BRBR reached out about participating in an interview and some live performances, I couldn’t help but say yes! Naturally, everything would have to be done in French. Everyone already assumes that I’m francophone because of my first name, so my first thoughts were “great, now EVERYone will assume I’m francophone.” Not that that’s a bad thing! But there are only so many times that I want to get asked “parlez vous francais?” after introducing myself. Fun fact: I’ve even had people say that they heard a French accent when I sing!

The crew showed up on Thanksgiving weekend to film two songs in my living room, and they were incredibly professional and fun! Above is a live version of my song “Blue”, while below is the full episode, cued to a performance of my newest song “An Ode To This City.” Enjoy!

If you want to hear my speak poorly in French and give shoutouts to some TBay bands and venues, check out this quick little interview:

To see and read more about the BRBR team’s experiences in TBay, check out their blog entry.

March 22nd – Riviere Du Loup – Cafe L’Innocent

photo by Shannon Lepere

Everytime I go to Quebec I get excited about speaking French, because I’m so out of touch and love the practice.  Being a Spanish speaker, I find it much easier than the average person, but always find myself struggling for specific words.

After arriving in Riviere Du Loup, Shannon and I got settled in one of the extra rooms upstairs, and then came down for another epic pasta meal (like the one I had last time there).  Real shredded ham and prosciutto in a rich creamy sauce that trumps anything that Boston Pizza or other chains could ever serve (more about BP in another blog).

I was the only act that night, and just like the last time, I tried my hardest to introduce every song in French.  I was doing a pretty good job too, but also received a few pronunciation tips from the audience!  There’s one track in Spanish called “Pensando En Ti” which I dedicated to Shannon, however, I meant to dedicate to ‘my girlfriend’, but it came out as ‘my daughter’.  My bad!  At least the audience had a good laugh, because Shannon had no idea what the hell was going on!