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Parry Sound

March 6th & 7th – Sault Ste Marie to Parry Sound

Back on the road! The ‘Year of the Loop’ tour has begun, and it’s already filled with old friends and new ones. I spent the night with the Pyette’s in Sault Ste Marie after playing at Loplop’s – invited back by popular demand (?) – to a bunch of appreciative listeners. We were hoping for some international hockey players from the massive tournament being held that week, but we didn’t notice any. Trust me, I think we’d notice if Team Russia walked into a bar.

The next night I played in Parry Sound for the first time ever. Started with some light dinner music, then moved my gear over to their blossoming pub night. There was a drum workshop/performance next door and we had some really great performers come in the door. Almost had them joining in, but either way, became friends on Soundcloud with some of the staff who were totally drooling over some of my gear – they’re heavy into electronica, and stoked to have me back anytime! Great start to the tour, for sure.