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Scientists of Sound

March 27 – Halifax – Paragon Theatre

Photo by Shannon Lepere

Halifax is one of those cities that I’ve always wanted to spend more time in. Shannon and I got to spend about an hour wandering the downtown, heading to the waterfront. The problem was that it was really windy, so we managed to get a few jump photos before freezing ourselves. We also Included a cameo by Theodore Tugboat, which is mandatory when visiting Halifax.

We then headed to Cassey and Julie’s place for a nice home cooked meal, then proceeded to our second night with Scientists of Sound. Also with us both nights was Botnek, an electronica duo that got everyone in the place moving before and after my sets. We ended up hanging out in the green room for quite a while, as well as with the soundguy, whose nickname was ‘shitty Legolas’. Everyone looks like a shitty version of someone else, so I’m still trying to find mine, but I’ll post it once I find it!

This was also as far East as Shannon and I would go together on the tour. It’s been so much fun!

March 26 – Saint John – Evolution Night Club

Aaron Collier of Scientists of Sound - photo by Shannon Lepere

Evolution Night Club is in the downtown of Saint John, so we got to see a little bit of a different area of the city than a few days before. I opened for the Scientists of Sound, who were doing a very special show. For two nights, they were performing Daft Punk’s album “Homework” from front to back, and I was the opening for both.

The Evolution show was interesting, because it was 19+, but there was an all ages rave happening simultaneously on the main floor (until 5 am). As I was loading in, there was a group of 5 kids waiting to get into the downstairs area, and I felt really guilty because they were shivering as I held the door open to cart gear in. So, to help make their day, I asked “hey, do you guys like apple juice?”

Quizzically, they responded, “Uh, …yes?”

“Would you like some?”

“Uh…I guess?”

“OK, I’ll get some.”

I returned a minute later with 5 cans of apple juice (that I had in my car), and gave them each one.

“Holy shit, I didn’t think you were serious!”

“Oh yeah, I’m serious about apple juice!”

The best part was that one of the girl’s then asked me if I had any weed. Obviously we don’t share the same values. Sigh.

Craig Mercer of Scientists of Sound - photo by Shannon Lepere

Besides apple juice, we also had fantastic pad thai from the inside of the convenience store. Despite the appearance of the place, it was honestly some of the best pad thai any of us had ever had.

photo by Shannon Lepere

The only downside about that night’s show was the rudeness of the venue, who turned on all the lights during Scientists of Sound’s last song, and leaving them on for the next 2 encore songs. At least have the courtesy to leave them off until the show is done! Either way, the Daft Punk tribute show was so good that it didn’t even matter!