So…3 hours left before I get on the plane to Ottawa.

I’m headed there at 5:30 am, then I’ll be with my friend Ignacio, couch-surfing and watching a soccer game. It’ll be neat to check out his new place (he recently left Thunder Bay for school).

Then it’s off to Iqaluit. I think I’m all packed, as the weather up in Iqaluit is not so hot right now. Earlier it was a high of 2, low of -4, with lots of snow flurries. Hoorah.

In other news, I sat down with the guys at the Studio, and discussed all the changes that need to be made to the demo material for “Windows and Doors”. There’s plenty of things that need to be changed, but hey! I hope to get a lot of it done while sitting in a room looking out at the tundra. There should be some new music written as well. Who knows…maybe there’ll be new samples online soon? Hmm…

I’m glad to get away from Thunder Bay, as this september has been particularly sad, with lots of friends moving away, and just being at a university when no one you know is ever really around anymore.

Regardless! New posts will come out as soon I get settled in my residence in Iqaluit!