I arrived in Ottawa at 10:00 am today, and wow, was I ever tired. I feel bad for Ignacio and Alicia, as I kept falling asleep in their presence (not to mention annoying airplane staff because I wouldn’t get off the plane during a stop-over in Toronto).

The 3 of us went out to see some varsity soccer games (Carleton Ravens vs. U of T Varsity Blues), both Men’s and Women’s. The Raven’s won both games, even playing the last 20 minutes in full rain. I realized that this was the first time I’d ever seen a ‘professional’ soccer game, despite growing up in South America. Weird!

Other highlights of the day: being thwarted by the public transit system in numerous ways, and having streets decline your request to cross streets on Sundays. How rude.

I didn’t really take any photos today, so please be patient!

But in other news….

4 thoughts on “Ottawa

  1. sonicarchitect

    I did the soundtrack to a short film called “Bully”, and it’s going to be used by the Catholic schoolboard as well as other schoolboards in southern ontario in order to show teachers/educators/staff that it doesn’t take much to prevent bullying.

  2. sonicarchitect

    I’ll be putting it up online sometime soon. As for the film, I’m talking with the filmmaker about putting it up online, since there’s no dialogue,…only music for the actual film. Hopefully it’ll be figured out by the time I get home.

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