The days are getting far more intense here in Iqaluit.

1. Today, it snowed. Very little mind you, and most of it is gone, but still, it snowed.

2. The amount of rigidity in my schedule is increasing, as tomorrow I have 5 different meetings with different community groups, radio, and even a choir practice.

3. I’m still booking the AdverseVitalSigns tour starting October 10th, and I’m not having that great of luck this time around.

4. Applications for different festivals start quite soon, so I’m trying to do my homework on those. Including the Alianait festival here in Iqaluit.

5. Analysis of the data from my research up here needs to start.

Listing things helps me organize myself mentally.

The next few days until I leave Iqaluit are going to be busy busy busy. But I still need to make sure that I get out and act like a real tourist before I leave. I’d rather not, but I feel like I should. Taking pictures, getting people to take pictures of me, buying overpriced pieces of art for family, the whole nine.

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