I’ve done some sleuthing and asking around, and apparently he’s quite the do-gooder! Helping people crossing the street, shoveling driveways/walkways, and untangling swings for kids in the parks.

Here are some links I’ve dug up that are definitely worth looking through:


youtube.com channel

At first I was kind of skeptical about the whole idea of the guy, but wow, he shows up to every community event, and is overall a really nice character. He invites people to become sidekicks, and on Canada he had Canada Man, who was identical in costume, except for black items were replaced with red. Awesome! Every town needs a superhero.

On a completely unrelated note: I saw Stephen Harper today at a conservative rally here in Iqaluit.

DISCLAIMER: I do not have any political affiliations.

It was however, quite hilarious that I went from visiting the conservative rally (merely wanted to see the prime minister in person), and then proceeded to play at a coffeehouse event held at the NDP building. Photos: soon. I’ve devised a way to get them off the computer and onto a laptop (without spending money).

Other news: the wind today was intense and I got smacked in the face 3 times.

1: the most cliche thing happened. a page of a newspaper flew up, opened up, and hit me square in the face (covering it) while walking. The funnier part? It was a paper from June.

2: not as exciting, just the straps from my parka whacking my face.

3: a lot of sand.

But alas, after playing hockey at the youth centre, attending a robot and alien party, eating pizza, and walking a lot, it’s time for bed. Tomorrow holds a day of hiking and photo taking. There’s sure to be a photo heavy update soon!