I met a very interesting character the other day that I didn’t write about, and forgot about completely until I saw him again today.

He’s a slightly odd individual, always wearing a mask like most old school superheroes. Not only that, but he always wears white: white pants, and white long sleeved shirt. BUT…covering that is a pair of black shorts and black vest, as well as a black balaclava (not forgetting the mask).

Here’s where it gets amazing. He also has an awesome red mustache and other assorted facial hair, loves playing some sort of handheld gaming system, enjoys playing on the jungle gym at the various playgrounds around the city……and is also a children’s entertainer. He also NEVER gets out of his ‘costume’, because he feels that he’d be letting the children down if he did. I have yet to get their perspective on him….

I wish I could just take a picture of him to show you.

In other news, …my friend Travis is leaving Thunder Bay to go to Vancouver to pursue electronica and education. Here’s something for you to enjoy: