I’ve been so lucky to have met so many great people up here in Iqaluit.

But what’s even more interesting is the different characters, and their connections. Now as most of you know, I’m also a musician, and as such, I tend to seek out people involved in the music community. That being said, an earlier post of mine mentioned meeting one of the founders of Pop Montreal, which really shows how small Canada really is.

Then today, I found out that one of the individuals that I’ve been working with fairly closely is related to a Canadian music icon: Fred Eaglesmith, or “Fred J Elgersma“! I even got a free CD!

Of course, you also get the small-town feel, for example, last night I attended a community choir practice, and was graciously given a lift by a nice gentleman named Frank, who as it turns out had a meeting at the research institute today. That, and running into all of the people that you’ve met over the course of your stay in various locations, like grocery stores and movie theatres.

I was in the movie theatre tonight for my first Iqaluit movie experience. I even lucked out as it was cheap night! I saw “Ce qu’il faut pour vivre” [The Necessities of Life]. It’s in Inuktitut and French with English subtitles, so it definitely caught the full demographic range of this city. A great film, one of the young actors is related to one of the people working in this office (NRI), so that reconnects everything yet again! Being in a small theatre, without previews, sharing many laughs (and even tears) with the audience was something you just don’t get in a extremely large movie theatre in the south. I attended a movie night at a house a while back, and with about 15 people there, that was a similar experience, but tonight’s was far more multicultural.

The world is a tiny place, and getting smaller by the second.