Travis and I made plans to finish some recordings and to go see a show at the Biltmore on my day off. The song we were recording was coming along nicely, but we took a break to meet up with Kirsten from Arctic, and then made our way to the Biltmore to catch Ford Pier, as he opened for Carolyn Mark and NQ Arbuckle. I was only slightly disappointed to find out Ford was
performing sans band, but I later started talking to the guy next to me (the only other person yelling along with Ford) discovering that he was the drummer for their band! Regardless, it was an awesome set, with there only being one track I didn’t recognize. He even closed with ‘My New Bar’, which was exciting because of the intense screaming at the end. It was certainly a change of pace for the headlining act (Ford backed up on guitar).

They were alright, except that the material didn’t seem as though it was being executed with much precision (despite being a collaboration album release party). They finished their first set, and Travis and I took off, having seen what we wanted to see (of course I gave Ford a
copy of my album to listen to), and feeling like we weren’t going to miss much from the headlining second set. That night, I rediscovered Pho.