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November 24th – Kamloops – Pogue Mahone

The roads through the mountains were not the best, and I encountered snow again.

In Kamloops I finally shared a stage with an artist similar to me. Devon (of DevonanKevin) was also a solo act, using an acoustic and a lap steel through an RC-2 loopstation. Pretty standard fare, except that he also had built a wooden box out of plywood and duct tape that he would mic up to create his own stomp box that truly mimiced a kick drum sound. Before the show I did an interview with Kyle for CFBX, and he asked about my sideburns: I suppose I have been growing them for a while! Last trimmed on September 22nd!

Pogue Mahone was a really nice bar, and the promoter.

Sean is one of those guys that really understands promotion and is also helping to foster music within the youth community of Kamloops. He put me up for the night, in his well setup basement meant for film watching. So I went to bed quite late after watching Jacob’s Ladder.

…10 days and counting!

With only 10 days left until I vanish from the Thunder Bay terrain, I’ve been busy (surprise!) figuring out details about my trip up north, making sure that my paperwork is all in order, etc, etc.

However, one thing that has yet to be finalized is how I’m going to bring some of my gear up there. Because honestly, there’s no way I’m going to go up there and NOT make music. No way. Thus my latest dilemma is “how do I bring an acoustic guitar and looping devices on a plane withOUT having them broken by airway employees?” The answer will surely be tricky, and will also require leaving some of my gear at home. Soon I hope to have a local audio engineer build me a custom road case for ALL my gear, making touring relatively simple (no random boxes o’ stuff), and safe (I’ve collected a fair amount of gear now…). I’m just really excited to get up there, and find some local musicians interested in showing me some of their own music that I can play along too. As well as throat singing. Hopefully I’ll be able to learn more about that.

Did I mention that I was busy? I think so. I met with a professor at the University that I’ve been meeting with on and off (he never actually taught me, but we chat all the time and have a shared musical appreciation), and we came up with a tentative dissertation topic, as well as a plan for my year break from the academic world as I pursue music full time. Honestly, I didn’t want to think about it, but apparently I should be thinking about it now…

Regardless, the topic will be music related, and I should have more information on that for you soon, perhaps when it’s a bit more formulated! But here’s a potential premise: a comparison of the concert experience to ritual theories.