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Windows and doors

More jumping phenomena!

So a natural phenomena has occurred: Shannon’s 365 days of Jumping project connected her to people all over the world through her Flickr account, all of whom have a fascination with photos of people jumping.

Fast forward to now, and several of these friends have seen the Fix music video that she did (and posted to Flickr). They all loved it, so they’ve ordered their own copies of Windows and Doors, and have now started taking photos of themselves jumping with the CD in view. A few weeks I posted a link to Joyce’s jump photo, but now I give to you, Flickr_Rick’s (from Salt Lake City, Utah) version:

Flickr_Rick jumping with Windows and Doors - Salt Lake City, UT

If you want to check out some more of his photos (jumping and stationary), you can check out his Flickr photostream.

Jumping for joy!

Joyce from Sudbury has been following Shannon’s ‘365 days of jumping‘ project, and recently ordered a copy of my CD after checking out the still photos from the ‘Fix’ video. I mailed it off right away, and I just saw that she literally jumped for joy when she received it!

Joyce Chatham - Jumping for joy with 'Windows and Doors'

Thanks for sending in the photo, Joyce, and I hope you enjoy the album!

You can check out Joyce’s photostream on Flickr.

November 6th – Winnipeg – Music Trader / House Party

I awoke in Winnipeg at Bucky Driedger’s house (he’s house sitting), and ended up heading to visit the Edge gallery (where I’m playing on December 5th), as well as to check out the facility of Polar Bear Productions Ltd. It wasn’t as exciting as I imagined, but it was great to meet with people that have worked really hard on both my albums, and even took over an hour to show me around the place and just ‘talk shop’ about the printing industry.

After that, I played at Music Trader on Osborne at 5pm, which is always interesting. The deal there is that you get $20 worth of CD’s, so I found Rowan Atkinson live album and a live CD/DVD by Justice.

That night, I also played a house party at Liptonia, with the Liptonians and From The Moon. From the Moon are a really quirky group that have songs that feel like inside jokes. Thankfully, I’ve now been let in on the joke! Here are some photos from the evening.

Matt and Bucky of the Liptonians

Bucky of the Liptonians

Album Release Party!

I’m finally going to release the “Windows and Doors” album (CD/DVD!)

For those of you that would like to purchase a copy, you can do so through The Loop, where you even get free shipping!

You can also check out THREE new songs AND one of the music videos on Myspace.

Here’s some information about the Release party:


ABOUT the event:

Doors open at 8 PM

Includes live performances from:

Jean-Paul De Roover – www.jeanpaulderoover.com
Gaelin Brown – www.gaelinbrown.com
Sparrows – myspace.com/thecedarsoflebanon

This is an All Ages/Licensed event


ABOUT the Gallery setup:

Gallery 1: Live music performances / “Fix” music video premiere

Gallery 2: Album packaging showcase / Original album artwork by Greg Dubeau / ‘behind the scenes’ still photography by Shannon Lepere

Gallery 3: DVD content / live performance video footage screening from Apple Wagon Films


ABOUT “Windows and Doors”:

14 Track CD

Bonus DVD with:
– 9 live performance videos
– 2 music videos
– 2 concerts
– ‘Making of the album’ featurette

Unique packaging that unfolds to create a 3-dimensional house


*Don’t forget to bring a flashlight to be a part of the light show!*

Manual looping

Good Grief!

We’ve finished the album, but now we’re just re-editing some of the live DVD footage.

“Where’s the problem with that? Isn’t that fun?”

Normally, yes! However, some of the looping wasn’t quite audible, so we had to go back into the studio and build loops after the fact. The problem is that we don’t know the original tempo/etc, so we have to build the loops manually. Usually this process could be completed within a half hour, but several hours later, we’re still here. It doesn’t help that the track is over 10 minutes long, either.

Regardless…Chris Dorota is a champ and pulling through it all, despite wanting to create a personal ‘manual loop‘ for himself right now.


The recording process is on the verge of completion. The CD goes to mastering next week, after some truly insignificant touch ups on Monday.

But in other news, some friends of mine at The Loop are going to help me manage pre-sales for the album as well as potentially tickets for the CD/DVD release party. I’ll have some details soon about that, but first…the artwork!!

I don’t have any samples to show you …yet… but you can check out the website and blog of the fantastic artist that will taking care of all the artwork for the CD/DVD project, “Windows and Doors” – Greg Dubeau. I’ve seen all the sketches, and I couldn’t stop shaking in my seat, because of how excited I was to be able to show this to people all over.

More updates soon! But until then, here are some old photos of me in the studio, courtesy of Shannon Lepere.