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shannon lepere photography

Euro Tour – Part IV

Over the course of the tour, we made several trips to downtown Bremen and the Schnoor neighbourhood. Here are some of our photos from those adventures!

Bremen, DE – Downtown


While it looks ridiculous, Ausfahrt actually means “exit”, so we’d see it everywhere. In fact, the band NoMeansNo even named an album after being confused by the word, calling it “All Roads Lead To Ausfahrt“.


The skyline while driving around Bremen.


In the downtown core there were lots of interesting art sculptures and statues, so we made sure to try and capture them. Here’s me pretending to ride a horse, but I ended up looking more like Psy doing Gangnam Style instead.


Some of them were gorgeous.


But if you just changed the angle, it could look…special.


Not sure about the story behind this piece, but that’s ok. The broken horse jaws area certainly intriguing.



Shannon and I took turns with some statues as well, making sure to match their expressions. Her first.


Then myself.


Sometimes the architecture was beautiful.


Sometimes it was the person in front of the architecture!


Since Shannon was with me, it was mandatory that we did at least one jump photo.



…and a feet peek.


Most areas were pedestrian and bicycle only. The sign on the right actually means end of the pedestrian zone, as opposed to “no women and children”.


Bremen, DE – Schnoor Neighbourhood

Later on, Echo Bloom and I went out for a quick bite to eat, but Kyle and I stopped in at a “dollar store” type place to look for things to add to our live shows.


We were looking for christmas lights, tinsel, etc, but all we found was a ridiculous blond wig. Aren’t we pretty?



I’m in a glass case of emotion!”



Joining in on the “no nose” phenomenon.


Taking a moment to enjoy all the fall leaves!


And now, some more photos from Schnoor.









“Hope” acoustic feat. Shannon Lepere

After getting married in June, and buying a house not even two weeks before, both Shannon and I had our hands full. But we managed to take some time to sit down and film a quick video of us singing one of my songs, “Hope” while relaxing on our couch as husband and wife. Our good friend Curtis Jensen of Apple Wagon Films was there to capture the magic, and after I spent some time editing it, we wanted to share it with you all. Big thanks to for premiering the video.

Shannon hasn’t sung in bands for YEARS, but I’m very happy that I convinced her to join me! Maybe we’ll do this sort of thing more often?


Shannon and I on our big day – June 15, 2014 (photo by Jono and Laynie)

NewHouse-9056 small

Shannon and I on the stoop of our first home!

Demo Reel

After having done soundtracks for short films, commercials and web-series, etc for a few years now, I’ve finally assembled a demo reel.

Check it out!

I wrote all the music, and all audio recordings were done by Dining Room Studios. Footage graciously provided by Curtis at Apple Wagon Films, Piotr and Milosz at Imaginarium, Shannon at Shannon Lepere Photography and Alan on behalf of Thunder Bay Ventures.

You can see a list of the projects I’ve worked on under the Composition tab.