Shannon and I woke up in a nice house after the Saint John show, thanks to our wonderful hosts (whose names I don’t remember because I was still getting over the food poisoning), which was across the street from Andy Stevens’ place. We headed over just in time to join Ace Kinkaid and ¾ of We, The Undersigned enjoying some homemade breakfast thanks to Liam and Jared. We thanked them all, returned their gravol and other pharmaceuticals and started driving to Fredericton.

Fredericton was fun, as I was feeling substantially better and Shannnon did a jumping shoot with our friend John Martin. The show was at the Capital, which is a cool, long venue. The only problem is that there are hardly any chairs in the entire place, but there is a lounge upstairs for anyone into dance music. After the show we had to go across the back alleyway to grab a giant slice of pizza, which is always fun on a weekend and there’s a lineup of 25 people who are too intoxicated to keep the toppings on their slice.