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Making of “Complexity in Simplicity” Videos

So this past September, I pulled off something crazy. I recorded a full length album at Dining Room Studios in Thunder Bay in less than 2 weeks, between two big tours (one of Eastern Canada, the other of Western Canada/US). Not only was I performing for the bulk of the time, I also had some gigs during that 2 week stint, on top of planning a surprise birthday party for Shannon’s 30th! It was intense to say the least. Thank goodness Ben Leggett was at the helm.

Shannon and I both had cameras and phones running from time to time, so here are some videos showing the ‘making of’ of the new album, titled Complexity in Simplicity.

*Note, the songs you hear in the videos are my demo versions from the summer. The finished songs are still being mixed – you’ll hear them soon enough!

‘Pitch Pipes’ artwork

The Christmas holidays were productive this year! Not that they haven’t been in other years, but this time was particularly exciting!

Greg Dubeau and I hashed out some ideas and started work on the cover artwork for my new A Cappella EP ‘Pitch Pipes’.
Here’s a shot of him sketching it out before we combined ink, paint, and collage techniques to make a mural.

Greg Dubeau sketching out the artwork for 'Pitch Pipes'

You may remember Greg, because he did the artwork for Windows And Doors, which had a little stop animation video for it. Not to be outdone, we are also in the process of cutting together a time lapse of the project, mixed with other footage to make the ‘Making Of’ which should be done in the next few weeks.

So stay tuned, because the EP drops in February!